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Startup – what I need


Now I am working on the concept of the Self-Care Centers. To make it happen I need to build a team of people who want to do it with me – you can help me share my ideas with the world in order to reach more people (for example through social media). Or if you personally know someone who would be interested in collaborating or who works in a similar field, you can connect me with this person. Below you can find more information about the kinds of people I am looking for. Networking is the key!




  1. Scientists working on brain activity and the human body in the context of brain work. Anybody involved in connecting therapeutic or psychiatric fields with science. I need advisers, a scientific leader to manage the team of scientists, and other scientists who want to be a part of the project. With these people, I will create a method to measure therapeutic efficiency, a system of checking mental health status and needs and making therapeutic schedules. This would be a way to use scientific work in a practical way in order to help people. This will also generate a huge scientific database in order to do more and more future research.
  2. Business professionals – experienced in business who would like to help me create a professional business plan. I am looking for advisers who can share their insights about this Self-Care project. And investors who would like to collaborate with me. In other words, people with huge hearts, a calling to change the world and skills in big business.
  3. Investorseverybody who believes in the idea of Self-Care Centers and wants to support it by donating money to make this possible. And business people who want to be a part of a project and create it together with me.
  4. Advisers – people who have some insight and constructive criticism to share with me, including those who have skills in science and business who don’t want to engage much time in the project. But would like to be mentors who check on the progress from time to time sharing their ideas and thoughts.
  5. Social Service Organizations – I am going to create Self-Care Centers there, training people who work in these places to be counselors. This will allow me to establish a chain of centers in a much shorter time. I am searching for social service organizations that would like to engage in this project by giving feedback, complete beta tests or just be on the list of places that will be one of the first to receive the information about the collaboration!
  6. You 🙂 – you can help me with networking, sharing information about my project through social media or by personally connecting me with people, and by supporting me with donations to help me cover the costs of the work and to assist me in investing in the project. Also if you have any skills you would like to share, for example, IT work, translation, graphics, marketing, journaling, etc., you are very welcome to do so.



I also need resources to connect me with more people (and social service organizations that I want to include) in order to make it all happen, find right ones with which to create professional scientific know-how and make a more detailed business plan, and afterwords to find investors and finally open the centers. You can help me by donating – use the PayPal button on the website. Even a small donation will allow me to spend more time doing this work and pay the necessary costs and therefore be a step closer to reaching the goal. Thank you!


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