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Startup – what I have

I have the vision and a business plan which has become more and more detailed. I am in the process of building a network of people who want to join the Self-Care Center team and I am constantly collecting insights and advice. For example, I have connections at the University College London, which is one of the most prestigious centers of neurology research in the world!

I work on the project goals by talking about different methods in therapy and personal development using my blog, social media and local meetups that I organize or I am invited into as a leader or a speaker. I collect therapeutic methods and personal development tools, cooperating with therapists and coaches all over the world. Because of this work I develop the target and create my personal brand which is a part of the business plan.

My value is also my personal experience in online marketing and management, as a lecturer and a strategist. I am 31 years old, and during my professional career I have worked in positions such as director and CEO in a partnership. You can read about my professional life and my background at Linkedin:





There is also my personal story that is full of violence and the experience of healing by using a combination of different methods and tools. I am a prof that this kind of approach is effective, and changes can be expected in a relatively short period of time. I was fortunate because my life situation let me spend 2 years focused only on self-exploration and intense therapy. Now I can share my story openly and talk about every detail in order to show that we are able to change our lives no matter what happened to us and what kind of problems we have.


There are so many amazing people who have supported me in my private and professional life in order to develop this project. Everybody has been of much value and has broad me closer and closer to help me to open my Self-Care Centers! If the vision resonates with you, you can be one of them 🙂


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We deserve to live easier and happier! I talk about specific tools and methods to make it happen.



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