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Self-Care Center


Imagine you are the person who needs support. Before you start looking for a therapist, you go to the closest Self-Care Center, a physical place on a map, to talk about your needs and get the information about your options. You have a talk with a counselor who explains your possibilities and creates a therapeutic schedule with you according to what you need and what kind of work you feel comfortable with.

(For example at the beginning of the therapeutic process some people with trust issue are not able to work in ‘talk’ therapy where they have to open up in front of a stranger. There are methods concentrated around bodywork which can be helpful then.)



Your therapeutic schedule is a combination of different kinds of therapy work with professionals and to do by yourself. Yes, there are a lot of simple activities you can do yourself to support the changes in your life. And there are also very simple things which should be a part of your everyday self-care routine to make the therapy easier and more effective. For example, D3 vitamin supplementation that regulates the level of dopamine which is an important neurotransmitter responsible for your ability to concentrate and stay motivated which is the key!

The counselor shows you your options and helps to create your therapeutic schedule that depends on your psychological condition, your needs and preferences, the time you have and money you can spend on working with professionals. You also get instructions about how to do the work in every approach you pick and an explanation on how the method supports you in your healing process. It is very important to understand the journey in order to stay motivated and not let the subconscious, that sabotages everything unknown, find reasons for you to stop therapy.



Do you know that good therapists have supervisors, people who can advise them and check their work when necessary? You also deserve to have a supervisor. Someone who doesn’t know your therapist and who can answer your questions about the way they work with you, who can check if everything is ok and, when needed, can recommend a change of therapist or approach,

You visit the Self-Care Center regularly, let’s say once a quarter. At the beginning you make the therapeutic schedule with the counselor, later you check if it works and makes changes if needed. You also discuss how the therapy is going and what are the subjective and objective effects of the work you are doing.



Positive effects of therapy are described as fewer symptoms and a feeling that something has changed, you feel better, you moved on. But those things are both subjective and changeable with time and sometimes you need to wait for improvement. Until then there is no hard data to confirm that the things you are doing are effective.

But could you imagine a situation where therapy could be measured like the effects of medical treatment? With hard data about the changes in your body? Like a blood test before and after supplementation that shows that it worked?

Science describes a lot of processes in your body connected to your mental health condition. For example, the vagus nerve and your ability to concentrate and coordinate your moves, brain wave activity, the balance between the cerebrospinal fluid in both halves of your brain, the tension in your muscles and your ability to relax.

In the Self-Care Centers there is no diagnosis or labels for your condition, but every time you have an appointment, specialists check your body to confirm there are physical changes that indicate that your mental health is improving, therapy is working well and the therapeutic schedule fits your needs. This way you don’t waste your time, money and effort for something that doesn’t work for you. When there is no effect, changes are necessary to be made in the schedule.


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