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Mission, vision, and goals


Creating a mental health support system that integrates a variety of accessible therapeutic methods,  personal development tools, knowledge about health self-care and puts the result of this work into a scientific framework to make the healing process measurable and understandable.



Making therapeutic support more effective, understandable and available for as many people as possible. 



  1. Raising awareness of a variety of different therapeutic approaches and personal development tools to make people conscious of possible choices before and during therapy.
  2. Creating a mental health support system that integrates a variety of accessible therapeutic methods, personal development tools and knowledge about health self-care in order to make access to information easier.
  3. Raising understanding of the healing process in the context of changes in the human body, the way different methods support these changes as well as clients’ behaviors that can influence the efficiency of the work in order to include the influence of the subconscious on the therapeutic process.
  4. Empowering self-responsibility for the therapeutic process through an understanding of the different possibilities, decisions to make, and the process of healing. And also raising awareness of the meaning of regular self-work.
  5. Establishing the system of supervision over the therapy process from a clients’ perspective by training counselors who have knowledge and tools to measure the efficiency of the work and about possible misuse.
  6. Creating conditions for scientific research to make the therapeutic work more efficient through integrating the current state of knowledge and using a database containing information about the therapeutic process of many people in order to confirm theories.


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I want you and me to have less stress and more joy in our lives through self-love, self-distance, and self-care


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