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I talk about changing my life into a dream one despite a difficult past which made me unhappy for years. I share my experience of my personal development and connecting myslef with the power of creating my reality no matter what I got through as a victim of child sexual abuse, and an adult child of alcoholic. I believe each of us can transform their lives and everybody struggles with difficulties, so let’s change ourselves together and then, share our positive vibes!

I speak about methods to reduce stress and find more joy in life. I popularize specific tools and knowledge to get rid of fears, discomfort, complexes, depression, low motivation, overwhelming sadness, procrastinating or PTSD, and I try to break taboos talking openly about violence, being in therapy and changing toxic surrounding into the one full of love and support. And first of all, I share my life the way it really is  – full of challenges, brave decisions, adventures, moments when I need to stop being overwhelmed by my fears and when I experience to the fullest filled with love. 

I will be honored if you join me and we start experiencing more and more together sharing our life paths in order to create the dream lives, becoming fuller and happier!


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