Starting A New Life Path And Sharing A Secret With You Kasia May

Starting a new life path and sharing a secret with you

I’m Kasia, I am a victim and a survivor of violence and – what is the most important to me right now – I am a woman who wants to change something in the world. I feel when we experience dark sides of humanity, we feel alone, we are overwhelmed, it seems like the entire world is against us and there is nothing we can do, then we develop unimaginable strength in ourselves. That strength lives in us, it lets us survive every day, just very often we don’t know how powerful we are.

I will give you an example – myself. But it could be everybody. Look around – there is so many of us who suffer from pain and depression, who are unhappy about their lives or even suicidal, who complain a lot or not talk about their emotions at all, who feel life is gray and just try to handle every day. Notice how often we anasthetize ourselves with alcohol and drugs. And look at the statistic of violence. They are terrifying! It is all caused by tremendous suffering and supported by the infinite desire to live.  

So I’m the example. I was raised in a family full of alcohol, mental and physical violence and sexual abuse towards women and children. Could you imagine a child in a house like that? Could you believe me that no one from outside ever reacted? And now look where I am – talking to you about the darkest times in my life alive, with no shame, convinced that no matter how you react to me and my confessions, what I am doing is right and I will not stop. I feel happy and touched. That’s a manifestation of my inner strength. You can watch me in the video below. I am not hiding behind the words

I am talking to you because I want you to notice the darkness and the light in people you meet on your path. And I am asking you to be honest towards yourself about what you’ve been getting through in your life. There is no life story without any difficulties… Are you aware of the power within you? I hope so! I am aware how long it took me to discover my inner strength and I believe everyone finds their at the right time.

Today is a big day for me. I am opening this space to connect with you. I am going to talk about things as they truly are, I want to break taboos and have some influence on human consciousness. My goal is also presenting specific tools to make life changes real, some science perspective, therapeutic knowledge. I’ve been working a lot on myself, trying different methods, meeting different people to help myself and connect to my light. I feel there is a lot of possibilities of self-development but not so easy to find them. I want to take part in popularisation of knowledge and concrete ways to feel better, live easier no matter what kind of traumas we carry, just have less stress and more joy in life.

Follow me, if there is something you’d like to change in your life, if you feel you want something else or more than you have right now. Join me, no matter what your story is about. You are very welcome here the way you truly are with all the difficulties you are dealing with, with your beautiful light already discovered or not yet. It matters a lot that you are here. Thank you for sharing your time with me. I am honored to meet you.

I have a dream to reach many of us. Millions! Please share my message, like it in social media and leave a comment to let me make my dream come true. Thank you 🙂