When a scary bear becomes a vulnerable man - a word about dreams in therapy_Kasia May

When a scary bear becomes a vulnerable man – a word about dreams in therapy

What I dream I had this night! I was walking pregnant right before the labor and suddenly, I saw a carriage and a bear on the horizon. I got scared that the bear would attack the horse. It started happening but at the last moment, the bear changed the direction and came running to me. I laid on the grass to protect my child against the impact and reached out my hand with a Teddy Bear towards the Bear which just took the Teddy from me. And then it came to me that the Bear paid its attention to me because I felt fear, so I stopped being afraid and got up, and then the Bear changed into a man, a normal man, not scary at all. I smiled and told him: ‘The Teddy Bear is a gift for you, please, take it, I am happy to do that!’ and he cried touched by my words.

And now I am playing I am Carl Gustav Jung analyzing the symbols in my dream. I am not surprised at all by any of the dreams about pregnancy I’ve had last time. I am starting my life adventure on Sunday, it is a new phase in my life, definitely, the new is coming and it took a long time till I am ready, so it’s been like a very long pregnancy! And not without significance are the facts that I had this dream in the morning when I wanted to pee a lot and I was still full after a big dinner last evening. That’s not Jung, that’s life :).

The new phase in my life which I will share with you more since Sunday is connected to a decision I made two years ago to create a totally adult life for myslef, the life when I rely only on myslef, I am totally responsible for everything that comes to me, I get rid of the things I don’t want, I prepare the space for the new, and I find what makes me happy to put it there. The life which is great no matter what happened to me in the past. The life which is not ruled by my traumas and fears.

So yeah – I gave my Teddy Bear, a symbol of being a child dependent on others, to someone else. Maybe someone in need? A bear which changed like a kissed frog becomes a prince. A scary bear which turned out to be a vulnerable man who needed a bit of love to show his real face. Isn’t it that a bit of love is what we all need to be authentic in relations with people?

I didn’t remember my dreams till I started writing them down two years ago and then analyzing them became something very interesting and exciting to me. The language of dreams is so fascinating and I have a series of the same dreams with some differences when I do my work on myslef. I can see the progress this way! I like it a lot and many times it showed me the right direction in my personal development and in therapy. For example, when I was suppressing some emotions, I had no idea I was angry or sad because of something, and all emotions were appearing only in my dreams.

I believe remembering and analyzing dreams is a great therapeutic tool. And that’s not only my opinion. If you are interested in this topic, check Gustav Carl Jung’s books or just psychoanalysis in therapy. And tell me – do you remember and analyze your dreams? Or maybe you write them down like me? What did you dream about last night?

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Thank you for sharing your time with me! Have a good day and a night full of beautiful and interesting dreams! Bye!

Photo by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay.