Looking for a place to live based on intuition and trust in destiny


It is time to start flat-hunting in Budapest. I have 6 days to do that. I believe if living here is my destiny, the right place will come to me when I give it a chance being on the spot and searching for it. And after those six days, I will know more about what my destiny is or is not. It is like an inner adventure full of physical experience!

I have in my head there is no logic (in the way we are taught to see the world), and being free means following my intuition, no letting my ego create any scenarios, just being present, focused on myslef, doing things spontaneously and receiving what is coming – then the Universe will cooperate with me creating what we usually call ‘coincidences’. Just good vibes and everything will be ok.

But it is not easy to be in this state. I have moments I am very scared and I feel insecure that I have only 6 days to find a flat. Then I would like to push myslef just to choose an offer no matter what is in the contract and what the flat is. Just to have it done and get rid of the thoughts that I can not handle. I also have an emotional rollercoaster because moving in here means leaving some people who I spent a lot of time with in Poland. I feel like this is the end of something bigger than my life routine…

I feel myslef like pure energy which is diluted by my fears and negative thoughts, then I am disappearing and I need to work on my trust and gratitude to come back to my intensity. And this energy also changes its colors when I feel connected to someone, there is an interaction between us in my thoughts or in real life. Then I am a mirror of this person, I receive their emotions and my own appears as feedback on theirs. It can be overwhelming, especially now when so much is changing in my life and contacts with people. I am still learning how to let the emotions just simply in and out to return to my own lightness as soon as possible.

But I try to observe myslef continuously to let the emotions out when they come and stay focused on what I feel I want and need in each moment with gratitude for everything I have and I experience right now. This adventure of trying to organize my life abroad after changing my name, getting a divorce, cutting relations with people who didn’t want to accept me and my choices, and quitting my job, is a great lesson of how to keep following my intuition. I am open for all the crazy (from the logical point of view) coincidences.

And there was the first crazy coincidence (I don’t know how to call it)  a while after I started traveling to Budapest. I got in the bus and after 10 minutes made the first friend who answered all my questions about renting a flat and other important stuff to start my life here, and after an hour someone texted me with a flat offer. I thought ‘I am even not on the spot and everything started happening itself!’. I will keep you posted about how it all goes now. when Keep your fingers crossed for me!

Photo by Seth Macey on Unsplash