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Free webinars for people who experienced violence – Coffee with Kasia

I would like to invite you for free webinars dedicated to people who experienced violence. The meetings are called ‘Coffee with Kasia’ and it is a free life coaching program for those who want to change something in their mindsets and lives. It is about 20 minutes every week when we drink a coffee together (or whatever you like 😊) and we talk about how to make life easier and happier. We meet online and then the video is available for 48 hours for you. We also discuss the topic in a Facebook Group (if you feel like talking more❤️), and you get free coaching materials to use by yourself after the meeting. All you need to do to join is to register at


Honesty, I don’t really know how to describe what ‘Coffee with Kasia’ is… It is a free webinar because it is an online meeting where I share psychology knowledge with you. It is a coaching session because I talk about mental health and tips to make life easier and happier, and there is always a task I am inviting you to do. And it is just a coffee meeting, where I share something from my life with you as a friend with a friend. And at the beginning, I play my ukulele!

The idea of the meetings is to create a community of people who experienced violence and who look for ways to live easier and happier, support each other on the journey there, and change their mindsets and lives 🎈. Because we all live in different timezones, every week I share a video with you, and you can watch it whenever you have time. Believe me, I tried to find a good timing for us to meet… But it turned out impossible. Most people who I am connecting live in the US, and Europe. And I am in Bali now… So when there is morning at my side, it is the middle of the night in Europe and an evening in America 😆. 

How does a webinar look like?
👉 I share my experience with you, like a friend with a friend
👉 there is a theoretical part based on psychology science
👉 you get homework, like questions to answer or a task to do
👉 you can ask me questions by texting

👉 you get a link to the video, a summary, and the homework material on your email
👉 you become a member of the group on Facebook where people share their experience and discuss the topic

It takes just about 20 minutes every week plus the time for your self-reflection and a coaching homework. It is just a moment in your weekly schedule, but there are always effects of the regular work that is planned like that. Changes need baby steps and a bit of self-disciplined to stay on track. I would be honored if you let me accompany you on your journey to live easier and happier. And grateful for you accompanying me on my journey to make my dream about making a change in the world come true ❤️. 

To join ‘Coffee with Kasia’ you just need to register at You do it one time, and you get access to every week’s meetings! When you sign up you get access to the recording of a webinar about 3 quick tips to overcome fear, anxiety, depression with a workbook to work on healing your fears!

Coffee with Kasia, free webinars for people who experienced violence


I am a woman with crazy heavy life experience. I’ve been in a process of healing my wounds, making life changes, and then building a dream life for a long time. Now I am a life coach, who travels around the world, trying life in different places, gaining new experience, and supporting others, especially women.  

At the end of the year, I arrived in Bali, a paradise island full of inspiration, and people filled with love who have big projects. And I felt that it is the time to change the local meetings I was organizing into something bigger, something that has the power to reach more people. Meetings online! 

Sharing my story, experience, and wisdom make me feel the meaning of my life. It is a part of the dream life I am building for myself because I enjoy this work a lot.  And every person who I meet teaches me something about myself and life. I am growing thanks to that. And I feel connected… This feeling connected, it is very important to me because my story started from living in a world where I was extremely alone. An abused child who had no one who cared and who she could have trusted. It took me a long time to heal my wounds enough to open up and enjoy the company of other people. Now, the human connection is the most beautiful experience I know! 

Let’s connect if my words resonate with you. All you need to do to join ‘Coffee with Kasia’ is to register at
When you sign up for the webinars you get access to the webinar about quick tips to overcome fear, anxiety, and depression with a workbook!


The meetings are organized every week. Always online. It takes about 20 minutes of your weekly schedule. Every week you receive a video that is discussed in the group on Facebook. When is the video shared? On Mondays or Tuesdays, depending on your timezone. After the premiere online, where I am present to answer your questions immediately, you can watch it anytime. You can check the exact time of the premiere on the event on Facebook ❤️

Sign up at
When you sign up for the webinars you get access to the webinar about quick tips to overcome fear, anxiety, and depression with a workbook!

See you there ❤️!  




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