5Rhythms© is a practice of spontaneous dancing that for many people in or after therapy is a great way to release tensions, ground in their bodies and feel connected to others. It could be useful as a part of your therapeutic schedule or just as a way to enjoy your free time or have more sport activity in your life. There are a lot of benefits and for sure this practice is worth trying. That’s why I am introducing you to Peter Fejer, a 5Rhythms© teacher.  Leave a comment or send me a message if there is something else you would like to ask Peter about. If you live in Hungary or Austria, you can attend Peter’s classes!   

What’s 5Rhythms Dance?

5Rhythms dance is a practice of continuously welcoming. Welcoming situations, people, whatever surrounds us. It’s also a continuous process of welcoming myself as I am at any given moment: my emotions, thoughts, physical state. In this practice welcoming is not a theory, we don’t concentrate on how to welcome with our thoughts or with our hearts. Here we put the focus on physical movement. We always ask the same question from us: what movements do this or that inspire? What movement would like to happen in my body? And we continuously welcome those movements.

What does welcoming movements mean? 

Welcoming for me means that I give space to it. Like a good host asking: what can I do for you, what would help you feel more relaxed, more comfortable, what do you need to become more free?

As we give more space to movements, we always discover something new. As we welcome more and more of what happens in or outside of us, the whole dance becomes more and more interesting. It’s a practice of discovery. Discovery of the present moment through our body movements.

Is 5Rhythms Dance structured in any way? 

5Rhythms has a map, which gives us a framework on how to dance together in a group. First, we dance with the energy or rhythm of flowing. In that, we put our focus on welcoming body sensations. We connect to our physical senses. Then in the rhythm of staccato we connect to others, we start welcoming the presence and movements of other people. In the chaos rhythm, we are welcoming the whole space, all the people, all the movements, and all the empty space in between people. In the lyrical rhythm we just let all these experiences, all these things we welcomed to play in us, to find their spontaneous expressions. And in the last rhythm, what we call stillness, we welcome emptiness, letting the movements settle, arriving in a place which is full and empty at the same time.

What’s the aim of the practice of 5Rhythms? 

The aim of this practice is not to find a problem and solve it, not to find illness and cure it, but to enhance and deepen the life experience. Welcoming everything means that there are no problems or illnesses. These are just labels, and the experience of life starts beyond these labels. In the dance we embrace what is, we give it space to shape itself, to show itself in movements, we give it space to change, evolve, transform naturally in its own timing and then we give space to simply observe of where this transformation brought us.

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