3 months after dropping everything - life update

Friends & love – 3 months after dropping everything. Life update

Exactly three months ago I moved abroad to start my life over. Before that I quit my job, I got the divorce, I cut ties with my family and at the end… I also changed my name. Then I picked a place on the map. Budapest, the capital of Hungary, and I moved there alone. No friends, no job, nothing. It was scary, it was exciting, it was all blowing my mind, but I did it, and I must admit, it was the best decision in my life. 

You can read about the changes in my life here:

I feel It is high time for a life update. I am thinking that when there is a change needed, and you find the courage to make the decision and take action, all the Universe is supporting you in that… Listen to the story of my first three months of creating my new life. Creating something out of nothing. Or maybe creating something out of what I always had inside? 


First of all, time flies so fast… I can’t believe it’s been three months since I moved to Budapest. Time flies and when you decide to experience life to the fullest so much is happening… I remember that scared woman who unpacked her stuff and didn’t know what to do with her life. The plan was very detailed to the moment of moving to Budapest. That was the final step. I had a vision of how I want to live in the future, this blog, but no details about what’s next, how to organize my life, what to do to reach my dream life.

This is something I always repeat when I organize meetups and workshops about making changes. We have survival mechanisms that make us frightened of everything new and unknown. That’s why visualization of the goal and the plan full of baby steps to reach it are so important. That’s the way to take over our instincts. Lol, I was so focused on finishing my previous plan that I forgot about creating the new one 😅.    


That day when I unpacked I felt very lost and alone. It came to me to download MeetUp application and just meet some people. I found a group of cyclists then. They became my first friends in Budapest. And during our first meeting, when I was talking about my dream life, they told me that I look like a person who could organize meetups in Budapest like the one we had. I started thinking about it and the same day, I opened a huge wardrobe in my flat, and I found a lot of chairs there. I looked at the room and I realized that everything was ready to make it happen. That moment Budapest Women’s Empowering Group was formed.

It’s a support group for women to share who we truly are, what we struggle with, what’s deeply inside us. We meet every week on Thursdays and it is magical – we gather as strangers and finish the meeting feeling like best friends. Those meetings made feel surrounded by beautiful female energy and since I started organizing them I’ve never felt that I missed having a girlfriend in Budapest!

If you live in Budapest, join Facebook Women’s Empowering Group:


Besides the cyclists’ group, I also found meetups called ‘Budapest Personal Development’. A great place to discuss serious topics and meet people who do personal development work or who are in therapy. It is a great place to make friends. And not only friends 😝. You know how it is with love. It comes out of blue when you don’t expect that at all. Two weeks after I moved to Budapest, I felt ill and I just wanted to stay in my bed all day long. But it was Wednesday and a week before I really enjoyed the Personal Development Meetup, so I decided to go there and if still not in the mood, just go back home. 

Same time there was a guy who just came to Budapest. He didn’t know anyone and decided to try MeetUp application, thinking that it is another Tinder, nothing worth attention in his opinion. There was the Personal Development Meeting very close to the place he stayed, so he made a decision to look at what it was. He was sure that he would leave after 10 minutes.  Two of us full of doubts about the meetup. About 40 people there but we found each other in the same group. And the topic was a romantic relationships. That MeetUp for the two us finished in the morning. We talked all night and that day an amazing summer fling started. 


A week later I became a co-organizer of those Meetups. No doubts that I feel those are amazing ones, don’t you think? Haha 🤣.

But let’s go back to the love topic. More interesting, isn’t it?  So it started magically. Two people talking like one, the spark, a need to stay as long as possible together and continue the talk although we were both tired. But he was in Budapest only for a month. 

It was just a stop on his journey. And all the circumstances were against building something long term. That was love with an expiration date. Amazing holidays. We were sightseeing Budapest together. The Universe sent me the best company to get to know the city and rest after all the changes in my life. And of course, intense emotions and many life lessons about romantic relationships, like the discussion we had at the meetup at the beginning became a practical lesson. After that broken hearts and becoming friends who know each other quite well and support always when needed. 


How is it now? 3 months after moving to Budapest? I feel like I live here since always. I don’t remember how it is to feel lonely. I am surrounded by amazing people. I organize meetups for them and I am constantly meeting new people there. I discover the beauty of human connection. And I think that maybe I didn’t have the plan for how to organize my life when I moved but the most important things were just waiting for me. And I experienced how life is moving on itself when I let it happen, when I am not stuck in life I don’t like when I don’t close myself at home. I am very grateful. And I still feel that there is more waiting for me.