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About Me


I am a survivor of mental, physical, and sexual abuse in the process of becoming free of the past and living a dream life. After years of intense work on my traumas and mindset, I started a new life. I cut ties with toxic people around me, including my family. I got divorced. I quit my job. I changed my name into ‘May’ which means that I can do everything if I only make a decision. And I moved abroad alone to start everything over.
I decided to use my story, every experience of struggling with difficulties and building a new life to talk about healing wounds, traumas, overcoming fears, anxiety, depression, mental health, tools to reduce stress, have more joy. I set up this blog where I share my experience and thoughts with you, and I gather people who experienced violence online and in all the places where I live. Join our group on Facebook: Less Stress More Joy


I got training to become a life coach supporting people who experienced violence. I organize free webinars, workshops and I provide individual support. I write books about mental health where I share what works for me. I build a database of therapeutic and coaching methods because we should know how many tools to heal traumas exist. Read about it on my website


I also try to open ‘Self-Care Centers’, physical places where you can get advice about your therapy, build a proper schedule of therapeutic activities to do by yourself and professionals, and scientifically measure the effects of the work.


My goal is to popularize specific tools and psychology knowledge to get rid of stress, fears, phobias, and disorders, anxiety, depression, PTSD, cPTSD, and support other survivors on their journey to heal traumas, build good lives, and discover their power to change the world.


I try to break taboos talking openly about violence. Emotional, physical, sexual, whatever… Violence is violence and each of us who experienced it stayed with deep bleeding wounds. As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse committed inside the family and never noticed by anyone who could have supported the little girl I was, I deeply believe, that when we talk about our stories, people around us become more conscious and able to notice the violence around them. That is the first step to say ‘no’ and support the victims. 


I am Polish but I feel my home are both my body. Now I live in Bali, but I travel a lot to discover who I am, what I want and what I can call the dream life I am going to organize for myself. I love art, especially poetry and music. I like singing and dancing. I have a yellow ukulele. I am keen on books, good vegan food and I adore animals. I am discovering the connection with people and I am wondering – who are you…?


I’d like to share with you a part of a poem entitled ‘Faith’ by Czeslaw Milosz to share with you my faith that our life stories make us empowered to live a meaningful life where we can spread the love because we understand the pain of life without it:

See the long shadow that is cast by the tree?
We and the flowers throw shadows on the earth.

What has no shadow has no strength to live


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We deserve to live easier and happier! I talk about specific tools and methods to make it happen.



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