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There was a time when I felt stuck in my life. Every day seemed to be the same. I was overwhelmed by my duties and all people around who constantly needed my attention. I had a vision of a distant future where my life was completely different but I thought I had to wait a long time and work a lot to make it possible. I was stuck in a vicious circle of stress, worries, duties… I experienced a break down which was a turning point in my life.

Since then I’ve been studying psychology, practicing self-love, and consciously using every tough experience to recognize my needs, set goals, and make decisions. My life became a fulfilling adventure, every day full of inspirations and every experience a lesson of something important. Every day is like a chapter in a great book no matter if I do something new or not. I enjoy and I feel alive like never before 😊.

➡️ This is a space where I share stories of my ordinary life which I create as an amazing adventure. I  publish my tips and psychology background which I find helpful to live a happy life.  Stay here if you want to know how to turn a tiring everyday life into a fulfilling adventure by following your needs, setting goals, and drawing inspiration.

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Judit Testimonial
One session with Kasia was more valuable than going half-year to the psychologist! OMG. It was such a good reminder to me that visual things, like writing on a paper, work so well! This practical stuff was missing from my therapy! I cannot say enough thank you, and all the heart icons wouldn't be enough...


Saeedeh Testimonial
Kasia taught me how important it is to focus on myself, how to build happiness and confidence. It was absolutely right, and now I feel much better. She is absolutely trustworthy, compassionate and deep person.


Katarzyna testimonial
Kasia’s support helped me to deal with huge struggles in my personal life. I learned how to cope with overwhelming emotions and how to perceive difficulties in a way to be able to make changes. I trust Kasia because of her personal story and I appreciate her understanding of really tough stuff.


Kasia's coaching and nurturing has helped me make significant changes in my life. With her empathy and guidance and through practicing gratitude, I have become a more positive and loving person.