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I share my experience of creating a dream life, thoughts and ways to realize more and more what I want and how to make changes possible. For example starting over after getting a divorce, quitting a job, creating a completely new career path, changing my name and moving abroad alone. I also gather personal development tools and therapeutic methods you can use to reduce stress and have more joy, discover your dreams and follow them, break fears and deal with difficulties.  


I call my life philosophy ‘3 S’ – self-care that builds self-love and lets us be more self-distant to feel empowered and filled with positive energy. But believe me, in my life, I was in a very dark place and I was hauling around a truckful of baggage. I am a victim of child sexual abuse, an adult child of an alcoholic, a woman who had to cut ties with her toxic family. I believe each of us can transform their lives, no matter what we’ve gone through. Perhaps, my story can give you hope that there is no ‘no-win’ situation, each of us can be happy and every change you need in your journey is possible.   


My mission is to popularize specific tools and knowledge to build self-esteem in order to cope with fears, discomfort, complexes, depression, low motivation, overwhelming emotions, procrastinating or even PTSD, c-PTSD, and mental health disorders. I try to break taboos talking openly about violence, being in therapy and changing toxic surroundings into one full of love and support. And most of all, I share my life the way it really is  – full of challenges, brave decisions, moments when I am totally overwhelmed and also moments when I experience life to the fullest filled with self-love. 


I will be honored if you join me here and on social media where we can practice my 3 S routine together. I am glad to share our life paths and create happiness consciously to live the dream lives we all deserve to have! 

How to transform toxic relationS?

Toxic relationships. Abusive relations. Struggling with difficult people. Narcissists. Communication with those who hurt us again and again. Parents, partners, friends, colleagues… What to do when we deal with something like that? How to fix a relationship in order to feel in peace with yourself? How to transform toxic


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